Vestas unveils the V163-4.5 MW wind turbine

Vestas is releasing the V163-4.5 MW wind turbine to meet the planned expansion and greater adoption of renewables in the worldwide energy mix. It is designed to improve wind farm efficiency in medium to low wind settings.

In comparison to the V150-4.5 MW, the V163-4.5 MW has an 18 percent larger swept area and can provide up to 10 percent more Annual Energy Production (AEP) at the wind farm level, based on site-specific conditions. The V163-4.5 MW features a large rotor-size-to-rating ratio of 80.1 meters, leading to a higher capacity factor and improved power output at lower and medium wind speeds when renewable energy demand is strong. In addition, when compared to the V150-4.5 MW, the temperature operation is elevated by four degrees. This improves output stability and predictability, with the capability to boost energy value.

“The V163-4.5 MW enhances business case assurance for our clients, and it lets us realize the full value of Vestas and our suppliers’ investments by extending our technology lifecycles,” stated Anders Nielsen, Vestas’ Chief Technology Officer. “The V163-4.5MW reduces customer risk while ensuring scalability, which is critical to our technological goals.  This is a significant step forward in Vestas’ efforts to drive renewables industrialization and profitability.”

The V163-4.5 is optimized for medium to low wind speeds, opening up new markets across North America, according to Laura Beane, who is the President of Vestas North America. It also makes use of an existing supply chain and current infrastructure, including transportation and installation.

“The V163-4.5 MW turbine’s diverse suitability, combined with Vestas’ expertise in site-specific towers, will enable us to produce more profitable ventures across a broad market,” Ms. Beane said. “We’re excited to keep bringing revolutionary technologies to the renewable energy industry and collaborating with our clients to speed the adoption of wind energy in North America.”

The V163-4.5 MW can be used anywhere, but it’s especially useful in the United States, Latin America, South Africa, and sections of southern Europe. The park’s extraordinarily high and reliable energy production, combined with a well-established worldwide supply network, allows for a faster build-out and wind uptake on sites that aren’t always optimal for wind.

Because it shares the most important functional and physical designs with the V150-4.2 MW and V150-4.5 MW, the new variation embodies the scalability and modularisation approach used across Vestas’ wind turbine platforms. The V163-4.5 MW was built from the ground up with the goal of minimizing the impact of modifications on suppliers, transportation modes, tooling, and installation procedures, as well as servicing and standard operating procedures.

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